T(h)ree is out!

The odyssey of joining 33 musical projects together, from Portugal and from the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, is finally out of the box with mostly all of the aims of Project T(H)REE achieved. After one year of detailed work and effort with the participation of more than one hundred people, David Valentim, the producer, taking all the credits of this olympic challenge, and Bloom * Creative Network, a part of the engine, have launched the first III CD last weekend in Hong Kong and Macau, with two successful events.

T(H)REE is a musical project that brings together for the very first time, on the same record, modern musicians from Portugal, Macau and Hong Kong. Wishing to materialize and shape a truthful blend of cultures the idea also comes from the significant ambition to enhance local music creation beyond its borders. Reaching distant domains, bringing the steer to extensive forms and new contacts as musical and cultural projects that otherwise would never taken place. This project is also born under the structure of a pure and boundless dialogue, where the finest blend of creative processes, sounds and distinctive ways of making music flow in a world without space and distance, making technology the elemental connection and the convergence point. The final result is a surprise and an outlook reference for the music scene of the three territories involved.

III T(h)ree • New Musical Roots from Portugal, Hong Kong and Macau
Concept and Production: David Valentim • Graphic Design: Alexandre Paixão • Photos: Ana Mendonça, António Falcão, David Valentim, Hina Shimomura, Paulo Carneiro • Texts: António Falcão, Erik Piece, Rui Dinis, Yuen Chi-Chung • Mastered by: Alok Leung • Presented and distributed by: Bloom * Creative Network

T(H)REE is on sale in the following places:

• White Noise Records [http://www.whitenoiserecords.org]
• Kubrick [http://www.kubrick.com.hk]
• Zoo Records [http://www.zoo-records.com]

• St. Paul's Fine Arts Gallery [http://www.stpaulscorner.com]
• Portuguese Bookshop [Rua de S. Domingos 18-20 R/C]
• Pinto Music [Senado Square • next door to Starbucks 1st floor]
• Lines Lab | Bloom [Creative Albergue • Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro, 8]


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