For the city

THIS IS MY CITY is an event that aims to celebrate the urban life in its diversity of cultures and people.
By combining MUSIC, VIDEO ART and DESIGN this event invites everyone to experience the city of MACAU in sophisticated and creative way by presenting a multidisciplinary cultural experience.
The even started in 2006 with "+853 - for the global inscription of a local difference" by combining two different venues in the old Chinese part the city of MACAU and inviting the visitors to explore the old Chinese neighborhood, in an effort to promote the city in all its diversity.
Don't miss it tonight. Will happen at St. Lazarus district on what was called before the Old Ladies House, just near the church with the same name of this neighborhood aimed for a creative boost in Macau.
I'm sure it will send the rain away as soon as it starts.
Bloom will be also there in a few days with our second space.
We've not been here so much as before, we're planing and planing, but as we said while ago: STAY TUNED! We're building a better world!

Stay tuned for more new things to come

Manfish – Before Jacques Cousteau became an internationally known oceanographer and champion of the seas, he was a curious little boy. In this lovely biography, poetic text and gorgeous paintings combine to create a portrait of Jacques Cousteau that is as magical as it is inspiring. This is a new and enganging biography beneath the sea level you cannot let it drown. Mostly for kids (3-6's) but also for grown-ups. Prepare your swimming gear to join us on this adventure.

Jennifer Berne, a contributing writer for Nick Jr. magazine, enjoys writing about our amazing universe. This is her first children's book. She lives in Columbia County, New York.
Award-winning illustrator Éric Puybaret has illustrated several books for children. He lives in Paris, France.

Manfish, A Story of Jacques Cousteau, by Jennifer Berne
Illustrated by Éric Puybaret CHRONICLE BOOKS • 40 PAGES • MAY 2008

War and piss #83451

We owe it all to the sun and the heart
For now it gets a little bit harder
So turn it up turn it up
Till the clock is done and left
Till it's left behind me
It's just like staring into the sun
It's just like...

We owe it all to the sun
And our hearts for now
They get a little bit harder
But if you change your mind
And wave goodbye to us
And them...
You were stepping on my hands
But if you change your mind will then...
Its just like staring into the sun
It's just like
It's just like...

All we want is a lonely house
A lonely bed
To call our own
A lonely bed
To call our own
To call our own


Trading twilight for daylight


New @ Bloom (books for the stomach)

The Food of the World, a Journey for Food Lovers
Murdoch Books

The Food of the World is a sumptuous collection of the world's best recipes. Each dish is beautifully photographed and double tested in our kitchens for authenticity and accuracy.
There are everyday snacks, staple fare for regular meals and elegant dinner menus with delicious desserts. Recipes come from the very heart of China, the smallest village in France and the busy streets of India. Prepare home-cooking straight from Southern Italian kitchens and learn about the produce and night market food of Thailand.
With cooking tips and step-by-step photographs for more challenging techniques, every cook can create these amazing recipes. You can try quail masala wrapped in banana leaves, longevity noodles from China, traditional French tarte tatin and hot and sour grilled fish salad from Thailand.
This is a complete visual and culinary feast for the senses. The Food of the World is an exotic journey, complete with details about recipe origins and food culture, fuelled by recipes that you can easily create in your own kitchen.

It's a really big book. A Food Bible!

Gordon Ramsey, Recipes from a 3 Stars Chef

Gordon Ramsay has become almost more famous for his award-winning TV shows "Kitchen Nightmares" and "The F Word", than for his expertise as an awardwinning chef and restaurateur. However, at the heart of his talent is a passion for good food and an eye for perfection that has consistently seen him receive three coveted Michelin stars. He has been called the best chef of his generation, and this book sees Gordon at his day job - running a three-star kitchen and producing food often described as 'sublime'. Getting right to the heart of why Gordon is such a celebrated chef, the first part of the book shows 50 classic Gordon Ramsay recipes presented as they would be in one of his restaurants. The second part of the book shows the dishes presented in a domestic situation with full recipes and step-by-step instructions to recreate them yourself. Dishes include Gordon's signature Lobster Ravioli, Corn Reared Beef Fillet with Marrow Crust, Ginger Mousse and a Bitter Chocolate Cylinder with Coffee Granite.

Another BIG book at Bloom to please our tummies...
Have a happy cooking day!


Yes, at last... our e-mail boxes have been restored, and we can resume receiving your nice comments and book orders here and here!

Stay tuned... new features @
Bloom available soon... ;-)

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