Bloom Yellow opens + Salman Rushdie Talk

Bloom * Creative Network is proud to announce the opening of Bloom Yellow, the new Bloom at St. Lazarus District.
To celebrate the opening, Bloom Encounters 2008 invites you for the presentation of Salman Rushdie's latest book, "The Enchantress of Florence", for which two distinguished teachers of UMAC and IIUM accepted Bloom's invitation to brighten the talks. Glenn Timmermans will be introducing the author and Tudor Vlădescu will be leading the presentation of the novel.
As it is Bloom Yellow's opening day, there will be a lucky draw of 3 books, to be attributed to 3 lucky attendees. Bring along your name card and drop it in the bowl as you arrive or simply fill in a card with your name and contact.
Bloom Yellow is located in the lovely Albergue, previous known as 'Old Ladies House', and will be a hub of beauty fool books and magazines that you may enjoy with a cup of coffee. Albergue hosts a lot of surprises, and it's a hidden paradise within the city as you can't get any other place. Come and see what's happening there.
Meanwhile, Bloom Red, the Bloom you all know, will continue blooming in the Hung Kung Temple Square.
See you there!

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  1. Carlo said...
    Good Job! :)

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