Now open!

This is where Bloom Yellow is. In the new hub of culture in St. Lazarus district. This is Macau. This is not a copy of something else. This is all over the world here.
We close on mondays. Tuesday we're in Love. Wednesday it's art attack. Thursday we don't care, we're still open! Friday, oh Friday we're in love again and we never hesitate. Saturday wait, Saturday's forever and Sunday always comes too late. We should start on sundays. Would be much better if we not leave them.
Just a step away from St. Paul ruins and half step from Rua do Campo and Tap Seac square. It's easy to find. We're here and you are very welcome!


  1. Francesca said...
    Makes me wanna pop in very soon :)
    teresa said...
    you are always welcome, francesca, rain or shine.

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