At 11.30 AM in Macau

Obama is close to a big win in USA. According to CNN's latest projections, Obama has 207 electoral votes and McCain has 135. There were projections that Obama will win Ohio, a key battleground state with 20 electoral votes. No Republican has won the White House without winning Ohio. Going into the election, polls showed Obama with a 3-point lead there. All the country is on the move and close to a state jubilation. It's all for the coutry but is also all for the world. What the admisnistration Bush did along these years will be hard to account. The damage is beyond repair and the action will start from scratch. Nothing better to start and do it neat. It's not just the President, from the Senate to the states the republicans will have a huge loss. We know that most of the time ideas drown on politics, but we're hopeful of a change. It's a revolution!
Bloom is happy for the world!


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