Creative engines raving

The Albergue opened officialy yesterday. Lights, sound, exhibitions, a fashion show, scheduled the event that started at 6 o'clock with a a mighty organization and a crowded audience. Among them many of the VIPs of Macau leaded by the Chief Executive, Edmund Ho. It was an effusive ocasion to glow a line of projects that are coming to this venue. The event marked the intention to grow to a new level. The potential is all there, we will see in the coming months what the future reserves for the whole space and for the district of St. Lazarus where creative industries pretend to flow.
For our part, Bloom is still displaced on the heart of its body. We're still walking and beating but through alleys and sideways. If there's the challenge to overcome for a new life, on a second and strong opportunity, on the same way we are faced for a huge operation that must be accomplished without scars and that needs certainty and consistency. We just want to clean everything, forget the past and start from ground zero onwards. Still today it's hard and painful to return to Bloom Red where the bones and remains of its destruction are completly visible. It's a nightmare on air going through weeks and weeks and we're tumbling down on the way to something that will come, but has time goes it gets more close to a dream then to anything else. We're hoping for the happy ending though.
Bloom Yellow is at Albergue, where the flashes went on. But even there we're faraway to engage on something solid, because we're still raining. Yellow is part of a rainbow and can't be made of shaded colors. We'll give it time. But we can't last forever on the side of un-definition.

Apart from all that, with or without us, Bloom wishes a long life and a great success to Albergue.


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