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MX-LIBRIS is a new kind of taxi vehicle for the Latin American region. With zero-emissions and an iconic form, it aims for a friendly urban appeal.

MX-LIBRIS is a zero-emissions vehicle incorporating a range of selected technologies from the transportation industry that are appropriate to the Latin American region. The vehicle has been specifically designed as a taxi, taking into consideration the cultural, urban transit, demographic and climate conditions of cities in Latin America. The use of technologies such as fuel cells and “drive-by-wire” make a more optimised use of space by replacing mechanical components with electronic ones and therefore providing more interior space. The vehicle is compact but high to facilitate access for passengers and driver.

The exterior design, which strictly follows its functionality, has been designed to intentionally become an icon of Latin America. Its asymmetric and sui-generis (or unique) form – moving away from typical car styling – make it a memorable object that locals and tourists will recognise as a forward-thinking icon, as opposed to a follower of car trends. The interior design, also asymmetric, responds to the functional needs of both passengers and driver. The interior layout maximises the use of space and promotes interaction between passengers by placing the fourth one facing the other three as well as leaving a central hallway for access.
In terms of sustainability, the design considers several aspects – from the no-emissions technologies to material selection and energy consumption. The aesthetic design does not follow either a sports or family car look because it deliberately aims to create a new segment of public transport with a friendly urban appeal.

Macau should just address the importance of these matters and help to create solutions to solve the serious problem of polution in the city. Build a MX-LIBRIS made in Macau, we have everything to learn with this project and use it to carry on, building a bright future. That's why BLOOM is here, to help creating better worlds. Come with us!



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