Fu**ing awesome speed!

This is for Boys and Girls! You just need to bring your guts and come along with us. Where SPEED beats TIME in real life!Hey, are you a speed racer? Are you feeling cold this Winter? Are you sure? It doesn't matter if you're sure or note, what matters now is SPEED and TIME! Everyone knows that! You should also know.
So, while you're thinking, while you wait for something better later in the year, why not coming for a great afternoon in the depths of tarmac just outside the border of Macau. Yeah, it's in Gongbei, in China, across the main road of shops and bars, where they have these menus with everything for sale.
Meet up at the Border Macau/Zhuhai. Sunday afternoon at 2pm. Or send SMS to 66800024. Or look for Sergio Perez on the radar, he's the guy to beat!

PRICE: 120 RMB for 30 minutes (in periods of 10 minutes races.)

DAY: Sunday, 18 January 2009. 2 PM.
WHERE: Somewhere in Zhuhai City!! Follow us!


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