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If you come to BLOOM YELLOW today the first thing you notice is that the magazines are epidemic and are crawling through every space available. As we got many different titles they spread around and we're running out of place for all of them, which in a way is good because we have a good offer.
One of the last arrivals is Foreign Affairs, the preeminent journal of foreign policy and international affairs, who provides to government and business leaders, students, and the general public with insightful, thought-provoking analysis on world events for over 80 years. Before it becomes policy, it's all there, in Foreign Affairs.
Founded in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations is a non-profit and nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to improving the understanding of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs through the free exchange of ideas. Its 3,400 members include nearly all past and present Presidents, Secretaries of State, Defense and Treasury, other senior U.S. government officials, renowned scholars, and major leaders of business, media, human rights, and other non-governmental groups. Each year the Council sponsors several hundred meetings including televised debates and other media events, and publishes Foreign Affairs, the preeminent journal in the field, as well as dozens of other reports and books by noted experts.
Since 1922, the Council has published Foreign Affairs, America's most influential publication on international affairs and foreign policy. It is more than a magazine — it is the international forum of choice for the most important new ideas, analysis, and debate on the most significant issues in the world. Inevitably, articles published in Foreign Affairs shape the political dialogue for months and years to come.
On this issue [September/October 2008, Vol 87, Number 5] you can read about the Dauting Agenda of the next U. S. President, who will inherit a more difficult set of international challenges than any predecessor since World War II, an essay by Richard Holbrooke. Along you can follow the Bush Era in perspective. Read also articles by Christopher Hitchens and Antonio Guterres, former Prime-minister of Portugal and UN High Comissioner for Refugees. Look for A Strategic Economic Engagement, the right way to engage China, an essay by Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary.
Plenty of readings to start your weekend and to boost the coming month.

And yes, we are back in town!


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