Announcement: One Couple Two Cultures delayed

Due to the very hot weather and mostly because Dan Waters is 88 years old, Bloom and MCCM Creations decided to postpone the presentation of One Couple Two Cultures, event scheduled to this Saturday, 2nd of August, to another date, on a cooler time, to be announced soon.

To everybody our sincere apologies and to Dan our most deep regards.


  1. EIA said...
    Hello! What a wonderful site! I'm quite a newcomer in Macau. I regret that I did not discover this, your company, and works sooner! Please include me in your mailing list. I would love to attend your succeeding cultural events. :-) Thanks. - Sheila
    Bloom * Creative Network said...
    Thank you very much for your comment. Please send us an email to root[at] so we can have the pleasure to add you to our mailing list.
    I could not follow your link.

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