Upside down

From the Southeast Asia bay to the heart of Europe it takes half a day if you ride a jet plane. Imagine what it would be if you get any other means of transport. Would take a hell of a ride. The distance is about 9600 kilometers. We departed at night and as we flew away towards the West the speed of daylight was chasing us from the start and by the time we arrived the bloom of dawn was just touching our tail. Long time waiting in a cabin of a plane nowhere in the world it's like being mad without knowing. A limbo of endless short memories that we recall under sleepless periods or on the short breath of a dream. Human beings that commute with each other, breathing the same air, side by side, just to get to another life that waits on a new promising land. Returning home or be faraway from it are the predicts of this tedious road on the sky. But as people say, "the sky has no limits". No end. And when you arrive your whole senses are opened to any new discovery waiting for the marvelous of the uncommon chance. The unknown future taking place on the other side of the planet. Yourself but in a way different.


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