A good thing to do when you feel disrupt is to cross the Old Bridge on foot. Two kilometers walk. It gives you time to think. It gives just the right balance when a bus crosses the road and you feel on a rope. Trembling.
Many things came to my mind. From going to the streets on protest to making a really amazing event in Macau on the cause of the flood. By the end I was calm and clear. It's better staying like this. And what to expect from the government? I've heard that there's a line of credit. But it's always a loan. You have to pay it back anytime soon. We can ask up to 300.000 patacas and that's almost what we have lost. But then? We can put things up but we got strand to it and we just want to be free. We still have to deal with what was swallowed. The true is that there's was not a sign from the government. Nobody came during these days. The Chief Executive, on the day after, was cutting ribbons on - imagine! - a new power supply that will bring more water to Macau. What a symbolic coincidence.
On the bridge, today morning, lots of sunshine, a nice wind, and the shaking of the public transportation wheels. I realize that we need a bit of time to decide. To see what is the best. To close, finding something else to do. To keep it going or simply to go way from this land of fortune. For good!


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