Is this the end of the line?

And suddenly the dream is over. You wake up in a new reality and there's no other way as to face it just like it is. This was Bloom Red today morning, a place of disintegration. A ground zero on our own scale but in the same way unbelievable.
What is this? Where are we now? It took ages to get to this point, struggling from back and forth to bring books and a different life to this city and have them as our trueness. As our own veins, our flesh and blood. It was our passion from many months. It still is. Difficult to go by, as are books a difficult subject to make your own life subsist. Sometimes we failed, but it was on failure that we could open our doors. Learning.
From the back of the night the dawn brought us one meter water high inside our shop. We're it couldn't exist. Books don't burn and cannot swim. They have drown themselves on their own voices. Can you hear a story underwater? I guess not.
Who's to blame? Probably ourselves. Probably nobody. Where to go now? Even having faced it when we saw it we are still on that point when you wake up from the dream and see a world you haven't met before. It's the same, we know it, but the picture touched us much differently, goes directly to the heart, and we still couldn't print it out.
First we have to clean the mess, then we'll see. Bloom will not survive on its own. We'll need resources that it never had. We'll not give up. We'll go until the last station.


  1. William said...
    It's a shame this happened to Bloom? Are you going to close permanently? Didn't you had insurance?
    You can not close! You are one of the few good places that helps Macau on a good path. Don't let yourself go, believe in a new future!
    Anne said...
    Don't close, please, we need you!
    Anonymous said...
    I've just heard of the tragedy! It didn't seem real until I saw the images: the book-corpses that have been drawn-and-quartered in a mass literary graveyard.
    I hope all the bloom-ites have rallied together in support of you guys during this difficult time. Let me know if there is anything I can do from here (Dublin).
    Bloom United said...
    Dear Mui-Guai Fah, thank you so much. We miss you endlessly, even more in this doomed period. You couldn't imagine how the story lines run homeless around the square, all wet. Characters from short-stories nailed down with some nonfiction reports. The empty notebooks that never saw the daylight. We couldn't help them. As we were selling those terrific books denying all sort of gods and praising fairies and midgets maybe we got punished by the hand of ruthless Universe.
    We're closed now, waiting. But we'll return. We must. We'll bring Bloom up again sooner or later! Against all odds! ;-)

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