"Yup, life's a big ice-cream. Have it before it melts."

I can't remember who said it. It was probably from a movie I saw ages ago. Or from a friend back in the days in the rainy island. Or from someone pretty similar to myself, who happens to be me, in my dreams. The latter is very unlikely to be true since I'm not usually that quick-witted in my marzenia. All I know is this quote came to my mind while I was having my mint with chocolate chips ice-cream. And as I was looking back at my previous 98760891 hours spent here in this cozy corner of the world, my ice-cream was turning into a drinkable milkshake kind of thing... Yup, it melts. It melts very quickly. Lick it before it's too late.


  1. Eurasian said...
    Agree. Life's too short. We better taste it quick!
    Anonymous said...
    Why do you say you're less "quick-witted" in your dreams? Maybe you are, you just don't remember it.

    "Life's a big ice-cream". Can we really define life? If it is really an ice-cream, which flavour is yours? :-)
    Francesca said...
    Life itself can't really be defined. It's just LIFE, nothing more nothing less. But each person's life can be defined in a way, am I making any sense right now? Because it all depends on each individual's experiences and circunstances.

    It would be a mixture of dark chocolate, vanilla and mint with chocolate chips. Why those flavours in particular? What do they say about my life? Let's say, that's the way it is for now :) Hehehe...
    Anonymous said...
    Interesting thought Francesca. I'm curious to know why those flavours.

    Life is life, true.

    Keep up the good work :-)

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