Rewriting History through Portuguese music!

"35 d'Abril"
[APRIL 25 • Saturday • Starting at 10 PM]

The 35 of April is quite a universal date in the Portuguese calendar and probably in fairy-tales, but it happens only every odd year, it means that every 35 years after the revolution the 35 of April comes. And this goes for every country.

It's a date to celebrate liberty and self-determination and most of all the joy of singing on the hope for a new future.
In this special occasion we invite you to commemorate all the steps of the art of making a song through the leaps of Portuguese music. Some would call it the April Songs. We call it Creation.
On the first light of the 25th of April, 1974, in a faraway land, some men and women composed their new destiny saying to the world that the heart and voices could never be stopped. And peacefully history changed. This was achieved through a strategy of many lines and the power of song writing helped it to the final push to what end up to be a spontaneous movement..
This was known as the "Carnation Revolution" but we think that that just happened by chance and is overrated and so any flower goes! ;-)
Well said you just need to come and feel it with your heart, while having a great time at The Rooftop!


Host: Corner's Club
Start Time: Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 10:00pm
Location: St. Paul's Corner • Travessa de S. Paulo • Macau


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