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Since last month we're having the great german HABA brand in store. They have an amazing catalog, for children of all age and for all the family, from tiny tin games to furniture sets. Check them at WWW.HABA.DE, we can bring to you everything you like. Come to Bloom and ask for a catalog or send us a special inquiry through our main email address. From time to time we'll show you here what makes HABA an amazing trade name.
Thank you! And again: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

A cheeky die game for 2 dwarfs ages 5-99
Authors: Wolfgang Dirscherl and Markus Nikisch
Illustrations: Stefan Fischer

7 dwarfs
1 die
Set of game instructions

Preparation of the Game
Spread the seven dwarfs in the center of the table and get the die ready.

How to Play

Play alternately. Who has seen a dwarf most recently? You may start first. If you cannot agree, the younger player starts and rolls the die.

On the die thereappears:

A Colored Dwarf's Cap? - Take a dwarf of this color from the center and place it in front of you.If there is no dwarf of this color left in the center you can steal it from the other player. Nothing happens if you already have all the dwarfs of that color.
Beautiful Snow White? -The dwarfs love Snow White! Take any of the dwarfs from the center or from the other player and put it in front of you.
The Wicked Witch? - Oh dear! The witch has thought of something mean! Choose a color.Both players must then return all the dwarfs of this color to the center. Then it's the turn of the other player to roll the die.

End of the Game
The game ends when there is no dwarf left in the center.The players count their dwarfs. Whoever has the most, wins the game.


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