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Make fish an exciting dish with one of these delicious recipes from around the world. From Salt and Pepper Squid and Japanese Sushi Cones to traditional Spanish Paella and Fisherman's Pie, "Fish" contains over 80 mouth watering classic and contemporary recipes. Learn everything you need to know to cook great-tasting fish, from buying to cleaning, gutting to filleting, plus simple preparation techniques that will guarantee success every time. Step-by-step photography, clear instructions and professional tips make cooking fish and seafood easy, and with delectable accompaniments such as Lemon and Caper Mash, Chunky Chips and Tartare Sauce, fish will be everyone's favourite.

Introduction. Buying. Storing. Scaling. Gutting. Skinning. Scoring. Filleting. Boning. Preparing Shellfish and Seafood. Basic Recipes and Accompaniments. Fish Stock. Mayonnaise. Bechamel. Rouille. Herb Butter. Tartare Sauce. Crushed Minty Peas. Lemon and Caper Mash. Chunky Chips. Snacks and Light Meals. Beetroot, Sardine and Ricotta Salad. Tea-smoked Clams. Japanese Sushi Cones. Cherry Tomato and Red Mullet Tartlets. Soups and Stews. Prawn Bisque. Thai Mussel Soup. Zarzuela. Hake, Butterbean and Chorizo Stew. Spicy Squid and Chickpea Stew. The Main Course. Pan-fried Sea Bass with Fennel. Ginger Salmon with Asian Greens. Salt Cod Fritters. Roasted Herby Monkfish. Herrings with Spinach and Pine Nuts. Index and acknowledgements.

Fish, Over 80 Great Recipes, by Joanna Farrow HAMLYN BOOKS • NEW RELEASE 2007

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