Literary Evening “Lire en fête”

Friday, November 2nd, 8 pm

Tomorrow evening at the Allience Française of Macao there's plenty to enjoy at a enthusiastic reading session. The theme is Macau and Hong Kong with texts from France, Hong Kong and local writers. The readers will stand out his voices in French and in Mandarin.
The program includes the rewarding ceremony for the writing contest "Deux villes, deux œuvres" and a photography exhibition about Hong Kong and Macau by Howard Scott.
You are all welcome to listen, read, and take part to this evening. Refreshments and wine will be served. Don't miss it!

Is on the Médiathèque de l’Alliance Française
4F Travessa do Bom Jesus R/C
You can contact them by phone: 28965342
or email:



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