Pets and Artists together!

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The Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macau (IACM) launched a public competition to choose a LOGO for the animal protection campaign scheduled for the coming months, under the title "Be a Responsible Owner".
The goal is to join citizens and artists together in order to raise awareness to the high rates of abandoned animals in the streets of Macau (consult data here). Responsible ownership and respect for all forms of life is the final message to all of us. It's our duty!
This subject needs attention from everybody, so why not stimulating the care for our pets through something nice, fun and where you can release all your creativity? Join the competition! It's for a very good cause and there are prizes too!
There are 2 categories: students and general public. Find all details and download application form here.

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  1. Joana said...
    "Já foste passear o teu cãozinho, tu que gostas tanto de design..." ;-p

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