Solace above all

This is the event that will mark the return of Bloom to activity. We've been closed in both Red and Yellow during these past weeks. Flood came and we were gone. We can announce now that Bloom Red will be closed for good. We will not be part of the same square anymore, we will say goodbye to the Chinese Temple just in front. But the good news is that we're opening a new place soon near the center of Macau. But that will come in the near future and we will tell when time comes. This is now.
Shirley Lim is an awarded Asian American writer and will be in Macau for an afternoon at Bloom Yellow in St. Lazarus Albergue. The event will bring together a Creative Writing Class followed by a Lecture on Shirley's career of multi-ethnic discipline across the immeasurable world of Literature. A freedom where there's no language and no identity but an entirety mix of tones and voices. Shirley Lim is just an illustration of the diversity and quest for that exceptional accent.
Born in Malacca, Malaysia, into a life of poverty, deprivation, and abandonment in a culture that, at that time, rarely recognised girls as individuals, Lim had a pretty unhappy childhood. Reading was a huge solace, retreat, and escape. Scorned by teachers for her love of English over her "native" tongue. Her first poem was published in the Malacca Times when she was ten. By the age of eleven, she knew that she wanted to be a a poet.
These are just the first lines of a story. You should come for every bit of it. Will be on this coming Saturday, 6th of December, at 4 pm. Don't miss it.
As we have limited seats available you should send us an email to reserve your place.


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