A Pop-up Christmas!!!

For the younger ones, a suggestion for this Christmas' gifts.
One more great pop-up story by Robert Sabuda, a construction of a series of varied and well-engineered scenes: Santa pops in and out of the chimney, beds fold out, a window shade rises and falls, and, in a clever nod to Moore's not-a-creature-was-stirring text, it's a family of mice who are receiving Santa's nighttime visit. A pull-out tab even lets readers interact, when Santa's sleigh glides out on the clouds and over an intricately realized village. It's hard to pick a favorite scene here, but you can bet that kids will love the book's pop de résistance, in which Santa's lead reindeer nearly fly right up your nose (if they don't knock you out of your chair first).

To learn about the amazing process of creating this pop-up book visit Robert Sabuda's world here. This and other books from Sabuda's collection are available at Bloom, and waiting to make this X'mas a magic one for the little ones!

The Night Before Christmas POP-UP, by Clement Clarke Moore & Robert Sabuda Little Simon Publisher • ISBN: 9780689838996


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