18 hrs/day

Birds don't wake me up
rays of light can barely touch my face
it's grey and foggy out there
thanks to miss humidity oh yeah!
7:25 and that's it
my alarm's
shouting and moaning
like a mad cow
my hand goes searching for the annoying device
grabs it and turns it off
just give me 10 more minutes
so I can kill myself back to sleep!
I look around my room
and wonder what can I do
to make it look like
the one Alice's been
there are times when I wish I was blonde enough
to forget the world
the past
the present
the future not yet born but already breathing
that's what I'm talking about,
the wonderland with no doubts!
oh yea,
there I am
dragging my legs getting ready for work
when I look in the mirror
all I see is a face with everything distorted
eye bags touching the sink
nose with boogies coming out
dry lips that haven't been kissed for a century!
hot water,
mr. hot water please
wash this old cranky lady away
let the wrinkles
the dark circles
play somewhere else!
there I go
leaving my legs to walk alone
getting dressed and crazy without a plan
for not being able to wear
what's inside me!
off I am to work
starting today's show
goodo morningo
and cheeeeese smiiiileeee
and yup! just run to the lift
'cause a big wave of people
is cascading towards me
trying to push in to the tiny lift
looking like sardines
but not living!
documents and more
waiting for me to caress them
ok, if that's what they want!
all I do
is to put my desire for holidays
back to the bin
and just get on with all these
A4 papers on my desk
while the lady marmalade next to me
keeps chatting on the phone
and the prima donna behind me keeps coughing on my head
oh yea
how I love all this!
hoorayyy is lunch time
everybody runs to the lift
as if aliens were after us
if they were
I'd be the first to ask them:
please abduct me
take my hand
look into my eye
and take me far away from here
from all these real monsters
and unidentifiable living objects...
I keep staring at the screen
not knowing what to do
with all my academic background
all I've got right now
is a desk and a stained chair
but not allowed to use my brain
'cause what we do is:
follow the rules
always the rules
pray for them if I can!
oopps, I almost forgot
isn't this the way most people make up for a living?
what about my dreams?
they are fading away
but I'm trying to fetch them back again
'cause honestly
this entire show is not getting any profit
bad actors everywhere
not knowing when to ditch their masks
not knowing when to forget the crappy scripts!
and I am
looking at the clock ticking and tacking
begging as loud as I can
in my head of course:
please move faster
make it 18:30!
off home I go
a place I can forget everything
and embrace love
as it should be!
it's time to move my feet up here
to my room
it's my room again
it's time to sleep
yes it is
here I am
remembering everything
cleaning my mask
so I can stick it up on my face
early in the morning
hoping for a better script tomorrow.

Oh I forgot to say I'm an exaggerator by nature...


  1. Anonymous said...
    love it
    echoes from my mind
    keep it coming!
    Buddy said...
    Very long but very nice. Do you have time to slow down? Slow down and breathe!
    All the best for you "leng loi"!
    Francesca said...
    Thanks :)

    I'll try to ssssllloowww downnn... (see, I'm slowing down... lol)Buddy...

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