Second Anniversary!

Two years ago after lunch time with nobody watching and with no special happening, we opened our doors for business. Just like that. The birds were on the trees, people were coming out of the temple, the motorbikes from the shop in the corner were all there doing their job, shinning. That was the official opening day of Bloom * Creative Network, culminating a long process of bringing up a bookshop to town. It happened near the Inner Harbour, quite near of San Ma Lou and just in front of the big hole that would come to be the Ponte 16.
Well, Ponte 16 is still there, like a wall crawling upwards from the river banks. We're not. In between these two instants, the Opening in 2007 and Today, something happened. For a while a big hand of water was in the wrong moment in the wrong place. It was on the night of the 23rd of September last year. Suddenly reality gave a jump into fiction and from then till now we still can't differ one from another.
Did we have a bookstore in Hong Kung Miu Square? Did we sell books? Are we on the book business? What's Bloom anyway? Can't we remember? These are questions we can answer easily but in a way we can always tell that random response because now it just doesn't matter. We're out of the field. What matters is what will come next and we're still on the last lines of the period of disaster drawing the scratches of the whole new scenario. Fast and furious fiction passing on into a real frame again. Like the pages of a book that were just thorned aside. By water.
"What's next for Bloom?", you might ask.
First we have to deal with what we're doing in the present time when present time doesn't exist. Are we solving things? Are we on the way up? Are we back in town? The thing is that we still have a sattelite of what was left of Bloom enterprise. It's at Old Ladies House, now renamed Albergue. We called it Bloom Yellow, because of the colour of the building, but even that we've dismissed and we're there only on weekends or when the sun shines bright. But a sattelite without a planet to orbit what is it? Could be a ship adrift on the vast ocean of stars? An orphan crying for help? Perhaps a stray dog lost in the alleys of a city when it should be on the country side. Barely, we don't know.
We're on the future already and we have to wait for the world to rejoin. We're calling our strenghts to go forward and to push everyone aboard. Things changed and we're connected now to all the Natural Causes. Big things we want to do like helping to save the Planet. To enforce the endangerous blindness of our human fellows to come across on a different path. To be conscious and endure. This is not about books, or selling them, or about beautiful stories or some sort of miraculous creativity. This is not about Chinese, about Portuguese or English speaking commuters. It's not about the form. This is about us. This is about what's underneath and what's left of the Darwin evolution. It's not the economic crisis, this is much ahead. And what's in front of our eyes is a delightful Bloomland. This is the deal of our Nature and not about the gambling of what we are. We're not impaired or alone here. It's just the same flesh and blood. The same feet where you can put a pair of shoes. Even if we pretend by repeating the same acts everyday now, we're not kids anymore, we should've been grown-ups by now and we should step at the fore and not in the back.
That's what we stand for, to make a better place to live.
Today, the day of our second anniversary, we were not open. Neither on any colour. We loosened ourselves to the greener part of this land and we're just there making time flow. No candles, no sail. No one to watch. No special happenings. Just the birds, the dogs, the trees on the wind and the power of nature showing its force. And for this instant, day after day, we think everything will go on its place, sooner or later. But what's today if tomorrow's already gone?

Apart from all we'd like to thank you for your patience and apologize for all the flaws we might sourced. As soon as we stitch all the bits of our sail, Bloom 2.0 will come soon to an harbour near you. Don't need to tune it, we'll came just like that, as a natural cause.


  1. oui said...
    I'm looking forward to exploring Bloom when I visit Macau again. :)
    Bloom * Creative Network said...
    If all goes well you can explore and enjoy it deeply! ;-)
    Antonio said...
    I have to go to what's left of Bloom and take the same picture again...
    Friend said...
    Try to move on Bloom. Macau is an empty place, you were some kind of sunshine. We don't want to loose that!
    Larry said...
    Yes, go get them Bloom! Put the dogs out!

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