Being one of my heroes

Lawrence was the name, the only one he staged. That's how everybody knew him. No surname, not a family story. Felt was his band and he was one of my cult heroes back in the 80's. Still is, I guess, in a different shape. From time to time I step across his work and for days I play all his songs again. In these occasions I try to check where he is and what he's doing. Nobody knows, as nobody knew before. He had a hard character but the music is timeless and life flies back and forth. 

Late in 2008 there was a screening of an unfinished film called Lawrence of Belgravia by Paul Kelly, a british documentary photographer, about the present life of Lawrence. News are not pleasant. He's older npw, as all of us are. The 80's were almost thirty years ago. For someone who was always out of the field on purpose now it seems unreal just to mention it all again. Check it bellow.
[...] With just 20 minutes, Paul Kelly's Lawrence Of Belgravia was half the length but twice as dismaying, a yellowed fragment of a work-in-progress concerning the eternally deferred ascent to fame of the former Felt and Denim frontman, Lawrence (pictured above). With its beautifully composed opening shots of brown medicine bottles, hypodermic syringes and overflowing ashtrays, and accompanying crestfallen voiceover as the singer explained his forthcoming eviction, Lawrence Of Belgravia initially seemed closer in spirit to Arena’s 1986 Jeffrey Bernard documentary or Molly Dineen’s 1987 BBC2 account of Colonel Hilary Hook’s return home to England from Kenya; a peripatetic digression down the curious path of a singular life.
[...] A work in progress, Lawrence Of Belgravia could eventually transform into the UK pop equivalent of Terry Zwigoff’s Robert Crumb documentary, a haunting portrait of a dysfunctional soul using art as a survival mechanism. Or it could remain forever a fragment, the unfinished document of a still unfinished dream. In its current version it stands as one of the most affecting films this writer has seen all year.
Other link about the documentary featuring the leader of the english band Felt, is here. Complete it with this one by the hand of Alan McGee the face of Creation Records. Finally follow the whole ballad of the band here. If you want to hear his songs pass by Bloom Yellow one of these weekends. You might hear a bird whistling it. We're still mad at them.


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