I'm a RocknRolla!

People ask the question, 'What's a RocknRolla?' and I tell 'em, we all like a bit of the good life; some of the money or the fame, but a real RocknRolla wants the whole lot.'
The thing with the films of Guy Ritchie is that, apart from all, everyone seems real. They're some real bastards pretending they are actors behaving like actors who pretend to be bad guys. RocknRolla (2008) is cool as Snatch was, a crime film full of shitheads, loaded with excitment and filled with great truculent dialogs. In the way you can travel to London and make as if you were there. And because in Macau you can never get the chance to choose a movie on the cinema, you just get what they give you, go and see it now! You can find it on DVD.
RocknRolla feels as if Ritchie is imitating his favourite director here, and that director is Guy Ritchie.
Sydney Morning Herald


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