It's dark. It's dark and wet in here. Everything seems chaotic. Hectic. Frantic. I can hear voices out there. Noises and anxious souls waiting out there. Thunders. No, don't drag me out. I want to stay here. Like I've always had. A turbulent move just pushed me to the ground. And now I feel the heat on my soaked body. I can barely open my eyes but I sense the rays of light around me. It's a bright and sunny day. And all I've got now is hope. Yes, hope.


  1. antónio said...
    Welcome Cesca. Keep it running! Crash where ever you want! ;-)
    Francesca said...
    Let's rock! :)
    teresa said...
    Wellcome aboard Bloomland, Francesca ;-)
    Francesca said...
    Thanks everyone :D

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