A final note

I will be
the first person in history
to die of boredom
and I will have as my epitaph
the second line of 'black ship in the harbour'
I'll rest this case
condemn my race
I'll stab a knife into the face
of any man who dares to oppose me



  1. antónio said...
    You can find an article about The Felt here.
    And one about the documentary Lawrence of Belgravia, featuring the leader of Felt, Lawrence. Yeah, just Lawrence. Follow it here.
    Lee McFadden said...
    The opening lines of "Declaration" are the epitome of dark humour; "I will be the first person in history to die of boredom - and I will have as my epitaph the second line of "Black Ship In The Harbour."" Not for the first time was Lawrence unashamedly quoting his own songs. (NB - The "epitaph" reads, "I was a moment that quickly passed." All would be nihilists enroll here). Great lines like these were severely hampered by engineering that made the recording sound as if the microphone was being smothered by a pillow. "The beginning of 'Declaration' is ridiculous! The regular engineer had been working on bands during the week. It was the middle of the night and he was tired, so he set his 16 year old son loose on it. Afterwards, we took the track to Robin Guthrie's new studio. He said, 'I knew you were in a fix, so I saved these as best I could, but if you credit me for this, I'll kill you!'"
    Maria Joao said...
    Love this song! Thank you!
    Haden said...
    Isn't the second line of "Black Ship in a Harbour" "I was second class"? That would be an adjusted conclusive epitaph for Lawrence.
    (confirm it here)
    Anonymous said...
    No - that was the second half of the first line - by the way - I didn't actually post that on 14 February - but thanks to the person for referring to my web article (written Oct 2003)

    The Very False Lee McFaden said...
    Hey Lee,

    Thank you for stepping by. I was hopeful that you would come sooner or later reclaiming your post. Great to see you here. Cheers!

    Tell us more about Lawrence and the Felt!

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