Hello! Bangkok...

I asked this old lady if I could take a photo of her and her shop located near my university. And of course, she kindly said "Yes." I have been buying magazines and newspapers from this shop for 12 years, but today was the first time that I noticed its name.


  1. Ann said...
    Nice. Now you are live from Bangkok. I love this city. It's warm, have many things to discover, good and bad, but have a multicolor of choices and that's what I like. Congratulations Bloom. I will follow it close.
    Oui, what magazines you buy there?
    Very nice photo also!
    antónio said...
    Hello, miss Oui!
    Liked your post very much!
    Thanks for being here!
    teresa said...
    Hello Oui! Long time no read you ;-)
    oui said...
    Antonio & Teresa,

    I have been away for a while, but finally I'm back. :)

    Thanks, Ann. I totally agree with you that Bangkok is a fun city to live. There is so much to do here. But like other big cities, there are also some dark sides of Bangkok.

    Oh, I've bought lots of magazines from her. Food, photography, home interior design, movie, music, travel magazines are just some examples. :)

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