Everything is so out of focus. This face seems distant. Distorted. Tormented. Aggravated. - she says.

How are you supposed to focus on yourself if you can't even recognize the real you? - he says.

All I'm longing for is to see beyond what your eyes are reflecting when you look into mine... - she says.

There's nothing beyond. Because it's been too long since we last crossed our eyes. - he says.

Then maybe we should go back to the start. - she whispers.


  1. Bloom * Creative Network said...
    The problem is that you often can't find what leads to the start... ;-)
    Great post!
    Francesca said...
    True. I believe in "starting a new start". Going back to the start is... illusive and never quite one expected it to be. Things can be so ruined that a person can't find the way back anymore. What could be done is to start a new path, and stop dragging the past around :)

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