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At Bloom we are always with an eye on the future. Now, more than ever. For instance we're following since the start the fabulous eInk project and its forming devices. We believe that that's one of the ways of the future of publishing industry. But now there's a new scene on the block. Code named "Brick", following the same idea of the version 2 of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project by the designer Yves Behar, shown here, the "Brick" is an all screen laptop projected by Apple Computers. The upgrade of the OLPC it's something that combines the touch feeling of a iPhone and the use of a normal notebook computer. The concept is the same, a computer that can be used by kids all over the world costing around 100 US$.
Nobody know how's the mac version will come to life, and how will be shaped, but will be something completely different from what we know. Apple’s feverishly-anticipated “Brick” project is the world’s first all-screen laptop. There’s slim chance, of course, but I for one would love a computing device like this: A hybrid iPhone-meets-Macbook-Air that would put hot netbooks like the EeePC to shame.
Apple’s “Brick” would be a hybrid laptop/tablet/ebook that dispenses with a physical keyboard and trackpad in favor of a virtual, adaptive UI that blends multitouch, gestures and its own orientation to switch between different modes:

Laptop — When the Brick is held horizontally with the two screens at an angle, the bottom screen turns into a virtual keyboard and touchpad. There’s no tactile feedback for touch typists, but never mind, corrective text handily makes up for the myriad errors. The top screen acts like a regular laptop screen, except that it also is touch sensitive, and is responsive to multitouch gestures like double-tap to zoom, pinching and scrolling.
Tablet — When the two halves are opened fully they snap together in the middle to make a tablet with a continuous touch-sensitive screen. This mode is best for surfing the web, browsing and editing photos, and displaying mind-altering music visualizers.
eBook — Like laptop mode but held vertically. Each screen transforms into an electronic page for easy reading. Displays eBooks, eMags or specially laid out websites. Readers navigate by swiping the screen to turn the pages.
Tabletop — Like tablet mode but for two people. When an onscreen button is pushed, the screens are oriented for two users sitting opposite each other. Great for collaborative tasks and especially games.

And why’s it called “Brick”? Because it smashes Windows! ;-)


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