Moleskine Volant

The New Coulour Notebooks

Bloom is proud to present the new Moleskine collection : Volant Notebooks. This collection will be launched in Asia in first week of November 2008. The new Volant notebooks are colourful, light, and fit in every pocket.
MOLESKINE Dressed in New Colours!

They are available in:
• 2 rulings: plain, ruled
• 4 colours: pink, blue, green, black
• 3 sizes: Pocket (9x14cm), Large (13x21cm), and the NEW size Xsmall (6.5x10.5cm)
Each Volants is shrinkwrapped in a pack of 2 notebooks (e.g. a pack of blue Volants = 1 dark blue notebook + 1 light blue notebook).

A Huge hit in Europe, US and Japan
The Volant collection was launched in Europe and US in February 2008 and has become a great hit already. Volants was also launched in Japan in July 2008 and replenishment orders are very strong (even higher than classic collection). For sure, Volants has given a new excitement for current Moleskine users, and also bringing in new customers. Especially, the xsmall size is a huge hit everywhere. First, this is a brand new size amongst all Moleskine collections and it is only available in the Volants family. Second, the little notebook size has made Moleskine even more portable than before. The new colour and the cute size have also attracted a lot of new clients (especially female clients/ fashion lovers) for the Moleskine brand.

Retail price of Volant notebooks: Xsmall: MOP$ 58 / Pocket: MOP$ 98 / Large: MOP$ 138


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