A closer gamble on two sides

The new issue of Macau Closer is here at Bloom. One year after its first release it is spread now into two different magazines, with the integration or in this case the detachment of Macau Closer Lifestyle, the name given to the new extention.
Gambling and Police are on the cover as the main highlight. Patricia Cheong, an entrepeneur of success and ex-Miss Macau, is smilling at us on the face of Lifestyle's window. Fashion, shopping and the Year of the Rat build up the main body of this magazine.
We have to pull out our friend Clara Brito and Lines Lab and give her a big hug and the best wishes for the future. For all the effort of building an original brand in Macau and for going there on a road that others are afraid to step.
Bloom is also present on this issue. As usual on the monthly book reccomendations but also on photography affairs, going on the challenge of fulfilling the first Fashion photo-shoot, featuring Clara Brito and Lines Lab, and as a special request for doing the cover of the main issue. We were pleased to extend Bloomland to a different style of life.
All the wishes of a long life are extended, of course, to Macau Closer.


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