Song for Valentine

You wanna know if I know why?
I can't say that I do
Don't understand the evil eye
Or how one becomes two
And I just can't recall what started it all
Or how to begin the end
I ain't here to break it
Just see how far it will bend
Again and again and again
I wanna make it
I wanna make it wit chu
(anytime, anywhere)
Sometimes the same is different
But mostly it's the same
These mysteries of life
That just ain't my thing
If I told you that I knew about the sun and the moon,
I'd be untrue
The only thing I know for sure
Is what I wanna do
I wanna make it
I wanna make it wit chu
(again and again and again)...
This version comes from the last album of QOTSA, Eras Vulgaris, from 2007, but the original composition was born on one of the famous Desert Sessions.
The Desert Sessions are a musical collective series "that cannot be defined". Founded by Josh Homme from QOTSA in 1997. Artists such as Brant Bjork, PJ Harvey, Dave Catching, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, Chris Goss, Alain Johannes, and many others have contributed as songwriters and musicians.
At Desert Sessions, you play for the sake of music. That’s why it’s good for musicians. If someday that’s not enough anymore, or that’s not the reason behind you doing it--that’s not your raison d’etre--then a quick reminder like Desert Sessions can do so much for you, it’s amazing. It’s easy to forget that this all starts from playing in your garage and loving it.
All began in August 1997 at the Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree when Homme brought together musicians from different bands. The ranch is an old house filled to the brim with rare and unique recording equipment and instruments and is owned by Dave Catching. Songs are written on the spot in matters of hours usually, and no place in the home is safe from the music. Many stories have grown around the Sessions.
We want sex to bleed into the music. At our shows, we want to see half boys and half girls in a utopian world, dancing and drinking.
Mission Acomplished. This is the right song for today. The right video. Enjoy it and put it very loud!
Music video by Queens Of The Stone Age performing Make It Wit Chu with Joshua Homme, Alain Johannes, Michael Melchiondo © 2007 Interscope Records • FOR YOUR PLEASURE FROM BLOOM TV


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