Yes, One Year Old!

First it starts
with a nightmare

One night you wake up and start talking. Sweating and talking. Then the idea comes jumping across your mind and when it turns to a shape and you realize the sense of it it's already too late. From then on there's no coming back. Only one way and it goes straight onwards.
The conceiving of Bloom was amorous and long. Full of angles, questions and miraculous cures. It was born on passion, on the hunt caused by absence. There was the need to discover the outline source, the coordinates, and systematize its own space. Stretching out the cloth.
The world of books is immense, with infinite paths and endless formulas. They never stop traveling and don't get stuck to anything. Books fly. They hop through memory and build new lives. Lives without an end. On everlasting invaluable pages.
We want to keep going. We want that everyone falls in love and feels the pleasure to explore all sides of imagination. Reading. Through extraordinary stories and beauty fool words, from other lives and other memories. Brought from other ages and faraway lands.
Bloom was born one year ago and is located on the corner of a plaza. A plaza like a shore, with a big sun and all, and a vast sea inside. The path is still the same, with an improved navigation system and a better grip. Yes, we found the blue van that brings us the stock. But we still got the same main idea bruising on our heads, in the wind like a hurricane shattering its own course. And we go. Onwards.

We go!

Bloom Bookshop is offering to Macau's readers a little gift. Giving a special discount on its first anniversary. It will happen this Friday and Saturday. In just two days you'll have the chance to take anything from Bloom with a reduced price.
It's just the least we can do. We want to give more and again... sail on. We would be very pleased if you could come and taste the beauty of words and start again talking... nonstop. Like that dream that never ends.
We are very grateful for your support. We apologize for the inaccuracy and miscalculations. We express our regret for the blowing of the wind. For the delusions. We are still itsy-bitsy. We are one year old. And if it were not because of you we would not be here at all. We made it just for you.

Thank you again!


  1. Flying Dutch Woman said...
    I wanna make it
    I wanna make it wit chu
    again and again and again...

    Happy Birthday Bloom!!!
    Alice said...
    Parabéns Bloom! Um ano a encher-nos com o vosso encanto!
    Ivan said...
    Yes! I've been there already! I bought a handfull of books!!
    Happy Birthday Bloom! Please do this again!! ;-)
    teresa said...
    thank you ivan for your always welcome visit!
    hopefully we will have more "sales" days throughout this year of the Rat!
    teresa said...
    thank you alice and flying dutch woman too!
    it is a very joyous day for bloom!
    Ana said...
    Muitos parabéns à Bloom. Força por muitos mais anos!

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