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During the month of March the Alliance Française de Macao will produce a serie of events that will boost the cultural life of the territory. It starts tomorrow with an exhibition of the chinese artist Anaïs Zhang. Born in 1973 in Zhuhai (China). From 1992 to 1999 she studied at the Guangzhou Fine Art Academy where she obtained a Master in Oil Painting.
She applies paint using a variety of techniques and styles, her sources of inspirations run from the memories of the landscapes and faces she has witnessed during her worldwide travels (Europe, Tibet, Nepal, USA, South Asia) to old European photographs taken by her grandfather-in-law. Check the whole program bellow.

French Speaking Festival - March 2008
Saturday, March 1st, 7 pm • Alliance Française de Macao
Opening of the exhibition of paintings by Anaïs Zhang (March 1st –March 22th):
“La Belle Époque”

Wednesday, March 5th, 8.30 pm
• Macau Cultural Centre • Small Auditorium
Live concert with the French Rock Band: Rue d’la Gouaille
Mop 30 [Free for students of the Alliance Française] • BUY TICKETS AT WWW.MACAUTICKET.COM

Thursday, March 13th, 8.30 pm • Alliance Française de Macao
Pancakes evening

Wednesday, March 19th • Alliance Française de Macao
Contest: “La Plume d’or”
[Reserved to students of the Alliance Française de Macao. Please contact us for more information]

Alliance Française de Macao • 4F Travessa do Bom Jesus • Macau
Tel: 2896 5342 • Fax: 2896 2697 •

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