Macao Poetry Today with Kit Kelen

The Macau Ricci Institute (MRI) is glad to invite you to its February "MRI Forum", a monthly seminar on Greater China related topics.
The forum will be chaired by Artur Wardega, Director of the Macau Ricci Institute and will be followed by a small cocktail party during which participants will have the opportunity to meet the speaker.
Due to limited space, interested persons should reserve their seat on a "first come, first serve" basis. Your contact details, especially e-mail address, will allow us to keep you informed of forthcoming MRI Forums and other MRI activities. At the occasion, a selection of the Institute’s publications will be offered at a discount price (please, see below).

In this talk Professor Kelen will discuss the idea of Macao as a subject for poetry and the state of Macao poetry today in various languages. Particular emphasis will be given to the prospects for community among Macao poets and a number of current poetry projects in which Professor Kelen is engaged. These include collaborations focused on translation of, and response to, both classical and living Chinese poets (especially Macao writers). Professor Kelen will also introduce the new on-line journal Poetry Macao and discuss work-in-progress towards the production of a major new English language anthology of contemporary Macao poetry, planned for publication in late 2008 by ASM (the Association of Stories in Macao).

Christopher (Kit) Kelen is an Associate Professor at the University of Macau in south China, where he has taught Literature and Creative Writing for the last seven years. The most recent of Kelen’s eight volumes of poetry Dredging the Delta was published by Cinnamon Press in the U.K. in 2007. Kelen is the editor of the on-line journal Poetry Macao and also poetry editor for the glossy culture monthly magazine Macao Closer.

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 20th 2008, at 6:30PM
Venue: Macau Ricci Institute, Av. Cons. Ferreira de Almeida, No. 95-E
Language: English
RSVP: To reserve your seat follow the previous link, send an E-mail to or call (853) 2853 253.


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