Crusting religion and culture

Normally as a photographer I never have much time to take pictures. Sometimes it's because I'm on the run and I just have to jump from one place to the other. On other occasions the situation develops into a short meeting and somehow I have to work it out like that. Nevertheless is not bad so I don't need to think too much about it and have to work on the impulse of creativity, or whatever it slips my mind. I could linger there and choose the light, the space, work with the model in different ways and then if not enough I could do it again. But that is a circular process and the final effect it's not so spontaneous as it should be.
With Artur Wardega, the new Director of Macau Ricci Institute, whom I never met before, it was very simple. While we talked I just took my camera and shoot. From his office we moved outside to the large balcony that surrounds the typical old Macau house. It's a beautiful place with its yellow walls and the wooden doors, with a little garden beyond that escapes from the city traffic that runs alongside, on the Tap Seac Square and on the border of the Lou Lim Ieoc Garden.
Mr. Wardega was clearly relaxed and enjoying what it seemed like a small fashion shooting, look there, move a little to the left and that was it. The picture above was the best of the set. Even if you cannot see the warm yellow, the black and white throws underneath all the spectre of the colors and it still gives you the ambiance and the weight of an institution that goes through the realms of history in Macau. Artur Wardega is polish, he came from Taiwan. And there he stands somehow nostalgic freezing both future and past, of personal and systematic challenges.
It was on the front page of Tai Chung Pou in Portuguese (check it here).


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