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After crossing the world from “Pole to Pole” with Michael Palin, Basil Pao felt the urge to look back and to turn every bit of his art to the vast land that flows on his veins: The mystic river of millenary China. He wanted to breathe every aspect of dust and scent on a profound rediscovery brought from the genuine concern on China’s future.
From the "enchanting countryside” to the bleak of urban landscape and from the Himalaya to Macau, he overlooked and shot a nation in transition, as a testimony to pass on a universal language that is only read by the eye. But words drop from the images and China Revealed is also a book to read.
Basil Pao is a Hong-Kong based, internationally celebrated photographer and writer.

Basil Pao • China Revealed, Portrait Of The Rising Dragon
Orion Books • ISBN: 9780297844181 • May 2007

At a certain age the world becomes meaningless and yet never so desirable. This is the last book of the world acclaimed writer J. M. Coetzee, who puts his hands on top of an old and famous essayist who was commissioned to write his strongest opinions. It’s the right opportunity to mix fiction with real data where the Nobel prized winner tells a story of misshaped passion and impulse love.
Everything starts on the laundry-room of his condo where he meets Anya, a captivating young woman. As tide burst into flames he invites her to type his manuscript. In between monographs on Machievelli, on Al-Qaida, on the nature of citizen and state, Alan, the boyfriend of Anya, comes into the narrative and, having his own reservations on this relationship, begins to trace a plan.

J. M. Coetzee • Diary of a Bad Year
Harvill Secker • ISBN: 9781846551208 • September 2007

We are in Lisbon in 1875. Carlos da Maia is rich, young, handsome and full of ideas. Returning with a medical degree to his longing hometown he craves to do something for his country. Something big and unique, he thinks, that would make his beloved grandfather proud, with whom he’s going to live. But soon he discovers a frantic social existence and engages on a life full of delights that puts him in a motion train of coincidences and disruption.
“The Maias” is one of the most impressive European novels of the nineteenth century, fully comparable to the most inspired novels of the Great Russian, French and English masters of prose fiction. A family chronicle of intense historical insight and narrative power in a new and beautiful English version, translated by Jull Costa, the esteemed translator of Saramago's Blindness. "The greatest book by Portugal's greatest novelist”, said José Saramago about “The Maias” and Eça de Queirós.
Published by New Directions - one of the best publishers in the world.

Eça de Queirós • The Maias
New Directions Publishing • ISBN: 9780811216494 • July 2007

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