The end of the game dream

At the Supermarket.
- Is this fruit rotten? - Asks a man to the lady at the "Spoiled Fruit" counter.
- Yes, those mangoes are fully rotten.
- They seem so but they don't smell like they should. That's the difference.
- As far as I can see they are pretty far gone to me. And have a fairly nasty odor.
- Check this, this doesn't smell like putrid or rancid as it should be. Where's your boss? I want to make a complain. - And the man handles a fetid mango to the lady.
- Don't need to give me that. I work here. I know those fruits for a long time. Well, don't you see these worms? - Points the woman - Can't you see that this is much decomposed already? And the aroma... it stinks like dead rats. Like a dead filthy mouse found on a sewer. - The woman was wearing yellow gloves and a blue small mask. The blue mask had a translucent tag on it saying "Kiss My Ass".
- Probably they can smell like rats but they should have the scent of pig's vomit and cock's urine. And this is wrong. These mangoes should not be here. You are mishandling the clients and I want to complain about it. I should call the Consumer Committee. - The man was really angered.
- You don't need to be so hostile, we are trying the best we can.
- Oh, come on, you could do so much better. Can't you see you are being dishonest and I could prosecute you if I wanted?
- Ok, look at these apples they smell like shit. Real shit. And they taste so bad as a ten year dead corpse of an old monk. - The man's eyes suddenly looked more alive and appealing.
- Hmmm, you're right, they are really festering and putrescent. They look so nice. And see, they are full of these leggy bugs. Thank you. Please, give me half a kilo! Don't need a bag is to eat here.


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