Ambiguous victory

You know what I'm going to do?

You won't believe it. I will match a handful of winners and spread them through town. Towards the sin city of gambling. That's right, simple as that. I will find one just to start. After I will step through another one and the following day maybe I will meet one more. They will team up and share their expertise and knowledge. And then, if you still want to hear what their going to do, they will win!

They will win loads of money from the casinos. They will not steal or scam, they will just calmly play their hands and slowly fill their pockets with that sort of gold made of plastic everyone can find at a casino table. Chips that's what they call it. Not the ones that go with the fish on some kind of fast-food restaurants. Here they are used in games to represent money.
And that's it, my friends the winners will build towers of chips that later, when they get a little bored, they will change for 1000$ bills. Having a good rest, a good healthy life, and a huge bank account they will teach others how to win money, how to not loose.
And step by step we'll clean all the money from the Venetians, from the Grand Lisboas, from the Wynn Resorts, from the hell out of it.

Do you get this picture? A battalion of winners that will crowd this mad territory. Yeah, like an earthquake. Fast as Fish & Chips.

Where would you go after that?


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