Our guilt

We want to apologize for not being here so much. We are now starting the new season, where there will be plenty of new things at Bloom and in this lounge of the Blogosphere.

Bloomland Creative Network is now present in four Macau publications.
At Macau Talk Magazine, where we are very honored to be shown in an encouraging highlight, who talks about Bloom and the book we have launched previously: Strolling in Macau.
At Macau Closer where we will from now on recommend three books, starting a monthly collaboration.
Besides literature Bloom Photography is also on the run. We are at the last issue of Revista Macau, the portuguese magazine from the Government Information Bureau, and from tomorrow onwards we will be at the new project from the chinese newspaper Tai Chung Pou, a portuguese section, where we will post images from Macau's daily thrills. Both publications produced by Delta Edições.
We want to thank everyone for the support, including Hoje Macau newspaper who is there since our beginning.

thank you so much!


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