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Other Publisher we are in love with since we met is REAKTION BOOKS. They stand out from the rest by their impressive collection of titles and the profound distinction on the book conception.
Reaktion Books is respected worldwide as a leading publisher of high-quality books in many fields including animal studies, architecture, art, Asian studies, cultural studies, design, film, history, photography and travel writing, producing stimulating and innovative titles for both the general and the academic reader. We would like to have them all for you on our shelves, but I guess they will come in waves, bit by bit. This is one of them.

Is a DVD freeze-frame a photo? Is a video clip that’s shot on a digital camera a movie? Until now, few writers have comprehensively examined the complex intersection between photography and film. With Photography and Cinema, a new addition to the ‘Exposures’ series, author David Campany offers an incisive study of how the overlap between the two media is forging new territory in visual studies.

The book draws on a fascinating selection of artists and works from Alfred Hitchcock to Michael Snow; from Edward Weston and Robert Frank to The Truman Show; from Leni Riefenstahl to Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall; from Buster Keaton to Godard and many other examples together forming an unusual and unprecedented mix of art, photography and film. Campany contends that photography and cinema have constantly borrowed from each other in numerous ways, and he examines such issues as photo essays and photo novels in print, the photographer as a filmmaker, photographic and filmic stillness, and photographers on screen. Understanding this complex history is crucial to making sense of the ever closer relationship between the two in the future.

A richly illustrated and intriguing exploration, Photography and Cinema will interest readers in visual studies, film studies, contemporary art and photography.

David Campany is a writer, artist and Reader in Photography at the University of Westminster. He is the author of the anthologies Art and Photography (2003) and The Cinematic (2007).

Photography and Cinema, by David Campany
REAKTION BOOKS • ISBN: 9781861893512 • Paperback with flaps • September 2007


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