Have I been missing something?

[...] But, it’s the night life that makes Macau a sure shot topper on the fun chart. Macau comes alive with nightfall. But, all the action starts only after 10 pm!
Its nightlife is famous for its variety, frantic pace and constant change. All you night owls can go pub-hopping along its coastal stretch.
You’ll find a great number of them along the Avenida Sun Yat Sen close to the Kum Iam Statue and the Cultural Centre. With its picturesque location, facing the outer harbour and Pearl River, you can enjoy music and the wine while watching the moonlight sea.
If you’re in mood for a midnight snack or drink, head straight to Avenida Marginal da Baia Nova, popularly known as The Docks to locals. A bunch of cool bars and restaurants line this quiet boulevard by the bay.
Want great music coupled with a spectacular view? Step into Opiarium Café. It’s a major attraction for the young and the restless 20 something crowd! [DAAAH!!]
Eva Pavithran in DNA INDIA
I guess Eva left from her village in northern India and for the first time came to Macau where she got her first city experience. This is an opinion for someone that was never in any other place in the world. Even a suburb in a city in Karnataka have more night life than Macau. Unless you want any red and hot stuff, if you know what I mean. Ok, there's Sky 21 now...

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  1. Lucy in the sky with diamonds said...
    Best thing to do is to stay with friends and have a drink anywhere. The space where we are it doesn't really matter.
    But you're right Macau's Night Life is just a crap! There are only two or three places worthwhile.

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