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Serpent’s Tail is a renowned British independent book publisher of international fiction and non-fiction, owned by Profile Books Ltd.
Now twenty years old, Serpent's Tail was founded with a commitment to publishing voices neglected by the mainstream. They have a reputation for successfully publishing contemporary fiction (including debut novelists), crime fiction, high quality literature in translation, and informed non-fiction works focussing on popular culture: music, film, biography.
Amongst Serpent’s Tail’s diverse and eclectic range of international authors are: Lionel Shriver, Catherine Millet, Walter Mosley, George Pelecanos, Elfriede Jelinek, Nicholas Blincoe, Stella Duffy, Patricia Duncker, David Toop, Juan Goytisolo, Melissa P, Neil Bartlett, Juan Rulfo, William Burroughs, Michel Houellebecq, Christopher Fowler, Colm Toibin, Manuel Vazquez Montalban and gladly for our side, on the portuguese language authors, there's Fernando Pessoa, Jorge Amado and Mia Couto.
Serpent’s Tail’s logo is an ouroboros and represents the two fundamental attributes of time – imminent annihilation and rising hope, which follow each other over and over again in an infinite cycle: time represented as a serpent swallowing its tail.
The past years have seen a period of unprecedented growth and success for Serpent’s Tail: In October 2004 Elfriede Jelinek won the Nobel Prize for Literature; in June 2005 Lionel Shriver’s We Need To Talk About Kevin won the Orange Prize for Fiction; in December 2005 Jonathan Trigell won the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize for his debut novel Boy A.
Bloom opened a wide door to Serpent's Tail, they will soon banging around Macau with their set of magnificient characters and stories. Wait for it!


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