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THE BOX is Kung Chi Shing and Peter Suart. The duet was formed in 1987. Both found the project as a means to escape. It doesn't matter if they go by the same door, but together they make a 'bomb'. THE BOX is a theatrical music ensemble who presented concerts and music theatre works alone and in collaboration with visual artists, choreographers, theatre folk and musicians in Hong Kong and Taiwan. For their 20th anniversary, they played Bluebeard at the Kwai Tsing Theatre in HK.
First time in Macau together, Peter Suart and Kung Chi Shing, a classical music professor, will perform a selection of material from their twenty-year history; Suart on voice (sung and spoken), keyboard and percussion, and Kung Chi Shing on violin and flute. The music is dark, bizarre, lyrical and beautiful.
Words in English.

THE BOX at Bloom Yellow
Sunday, the 27th of July

Just follow the plenitude and you get there.


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