The Rembrandt

- I asked you two times, I will not ask you again. Will you do it?
Before we go any further I have to explain that there are two guys in the middle of a road. A red car with the doors opened wide. Sunshine and a breeze. Still the scent of a distant sea. They are almost the same size. Even if one seems stronger, the other, the one that is about to answer, he doesn't care.
- No! - He tells without looking straightways.
- As you wish. Then don't ask me why!
- I will not! I'm not asking anything.
- I will do it then. And you will see. I will steal it myself!
The first man enters the car. He forgets to close the other door and rides away. At the curve afar the door closes by itself. The other man walks in the opposite direction. Hands on his pockets. Jiggling about his happiness. He's on the loose. He will see nothing at all and he's carefree upon it.


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