Emerging in bloom

The Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (HKYAF) is announcing an open call for submissions for the third Bloomberg Emerging Artists Programme! Having assisted two innovative and engaging exhibitions through this programme over the past two years, proposals and selection of the artists for 2009 are now on its boundary.
Bloomberg has a reputation for its support of educational and cultural institutions worldwide, promoting public awareness and appreciation for the arts and encouraging higher education in its fields. Through this programme YAF and Bloomberg hope to cultivate Hong Kong’s innovative art scene by assisting local artists in their development as professional artists by providing a platform to showcase their work to the public.
The selected artist(s) will be engaged in a 3-month residency period to create a series of work that will culminate in a major exhibition / performance in Hong Kong. As part of the programme, the artist(s) will be required to work on a community art project with YAF to encourage young people’s engagement in art. [Application deadline: 11/5/2009 6:00pm]


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