You can rest now!

Bloom * Creative Network have just organized its second party at The Rooftop. It was a great event, everything went just wondrous. Great music, from the Grinderman to stunning Arab beats, and most of the people don't remember how it ended, which is always a good sign. A liaison with a trombone and a guitar took the last breath of the night and St. Paul himself joined us for the last round of Caipiriñas on the ladders of the most famous landmark of Macau. And, yes, we had great disguises, great masks and real homemade productions. Bloom, thankfully, gave some prizes for the best ones. Most remembered will be the prize "Who Wants This Prize?" ;-)
We'd like to thank to the Corner's Club for this unique opportunity, mainly Derek, Sam, Gigi and all the crew of the ship.
And we'll come back very soon with something completely different from a distant place in the world. Stay tuned!

A festa "Traz o Teu Melhor e Disfarce e Mostra o que Realmente És" foi um sucesso. A Bloom agradece a todos os que passaram pelo Rooftop na noite de Sábado e promete trazer muito mais para a pequena Travessa de S. Paulo onde se situa o Corner's Club. Muito obrigado a todos. Até breve!


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