The ruler #1 [very very first draft]

They passed me by this questionnaire and I took up my pen and read it.
I should just answer the truth and nothing else. That was stated on a small red footnote. If not I would not get the job. I was applying at the local circus troupe for this vacancy of a lion tamer. I didn't have any experience with ferocious animals, but that was not a must, you could be just anyone, man or woman. Anyway, the only thing I had were some cats at home. But the question was not about that. I mean "the question" because there was only one on the paper.
"If you could choose, what would be your way of life?"
Well, I scratched my head a bit bringing on stage all my ancestral desires and wishes. Those things you dream when you're young and once you cross your teens you completely forget. Suddenly they were all there on the same table watching my reaction. So I started.
"If I could choose I would be..."
"A millionaire?", I thought. Yes, a millionaire would be a good idea. I would be just a millionaire and that's all. But then, on second thought, that is a very common answer and like that I would never tame the lions. I never heard about any millionaire taming some savage creatures. Have you?
Of course not. So, apart from being a millionaire I should be something else, at least I would need to mention it, and on the way I should verify all my dilapidated memories and dig deep on it. Telling just the truth and nothing else.
And that's how it ends to be the beginning of this story.


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