One day at the Zoo

Here's hot! I hate this weather!

Come on bro, cheer up! We all have to get on with it...

This place is so small... we're getting bigger day-by-day... oh no! You know what?! One day when they realize we can't both fit in this cage, you know what will happen to us???

No! Mm... maybe they'll move us to a bigger one! Hurrayyyy!

No, you dumb! They'll either kill or move one of us to somewhere dark... really dark, with no food, no friends, no kids to come and visit us................. sniff sniff..................

Oh! I don't want to live alone! I can't scratch my back without you! What are we going to do then?!

Well... we can keep eating... sleeping... taking a nap... waving at the kids... eating again... and scratch each other's back! Yeah!

Yeah! Let's do it then!

We're so good in scratching backs, no? And we always make those around us smile!

I think what we do best is... is... I can't think of anything... bahhhhhhhhhh!

Ohhhh!!! Don't cry!!! I'll cry too!!! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Sniff... hang on... there must be something we do best!

But we can't think of anything bro...

Oh! I know! Bingo! Day-dreaming is what we do best! Yeah!

Hahaha! Yes! We're geniuses!

There is something I want to do... like learning new crafts, sculpturing, developing films! But we are only two chubby lazy funky pandas...

Right... Those things are always on when we are busy here in the Zoo working for those people... bahhhh! I want to learn more and more!

So what should we do?

Mm... keep dancing, sleeping, eating... and scratching each other's back! Oh, and waving at the kids, putting a smile on them!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Very creative. A very interesting way in comparing the world you're living in with the Zoo. Keep it up***
    Francesca said...
    Thank you :)

    Isn't it true we all live in a funky Zoo? At the end of the day we're all animals. The only difference is some are kept in the Zoo without ever understanding why. And others (the rational ones...) weirdly keep and lock ourselves in invisble cages. Why do we do that if we are capable to choose and to unlock ourselves? I guess there are times when we forget how to step out from our comfort zone.
    Anonymous said...
    We are often the ones driving ourselves to a dead end. We moan about a thousand things, never satisfied with our lives.

    I'm tired of the Zoo. I need to get out, and like you say, unlock myself.

    ring said...
    "Protect me from what I want!" ;-)
    Francesca said...
    "Protect me from what I want!" because "quod me nutrit me destruit"... lol :)
    ring said...
    Mas no final acaba tudo destruído... não é? Por isso... let it roll!

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